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Why do guys look away when you smile If you notice that the person who stared at you then swiftly turned away prefers to keep his attention fixed on you, this might indicate.


This usually stems from insecurity or the fear of exposing themselves to others. If a guy is staring at you and seems a little confused, you might just look like someone else he knows. Many of them probably have never asked anyone out.


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Look at friend guys having "bonding" chats.

To figure out what he&39;s thinking, look for additional signals that he&39;s attracted to you.

. So yes, a woman is more often than not going to look away when you make eye contact with them.

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You might have heard the phrase undressing with ones eyes.
They may find it hard gathering the courage, or even fear rejection as they&39;re not sure whether the interest is mutual.
Jul 29, 2016 If he&39;s really staring, then that can&39;t be bad.

They have no idea where to begin, and they have no idea how to approach a girl.

You see, for guys, its all about triggering their inner hero.

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. He wants to say something. . . .

Why do guys look away when you catch them staring If a guy is clearly gazing at you, he could be interested in you.

Aug 29, 2022 4) You trigger his hero instinct. .


It is possible that he will begin to mimic your actions.


It can be quite difficult to tell if he was attracted to you based solely on the time period.

For example, if you notice him gazing at you and turn away, it&39;s a hint that you&39;re not interested.