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Right-click the name of the device, then select Uninstall device.

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exe from Boot Camp can fix the scrolling issue.

If you're using Microsoft Windows 10 N,.

Adjust the sensitivity under Motion. Using the right-mouse click, hold and drag the meeting instance to the desired day in the calendar. .

Bootcamp is made to run Windows on macs, so it includes Windows drivers for mac hardware.

Since I have a MacBook I was able to download a more recent version of the driver from Bootcamp Assistant, 2015 version, and when installed on my other windows PC the scroll works perfectly. . .

In this tutorial, we mentioned three methods to use Magic Mouse on Windows 1110, but what if they arent working. Click Apply, then OK to save changes.


Connect your Magic Mouse on Windows.

Next, move to Gestures & interaction and click on Scroll & zoom. Open Settings.

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Open Device Manager.
If Windows doesn't find a new driver and reinstalling the driver doesnt help, contact your PCs manufacturer for help.
If you don&39;t have a USB mouse and your keyboard is connected, press Command-Space bar, enter Bluetooth File Exchange in the.

If you&39;re using Microsoft Windows 10 N, install the latest Media Feature Pack.


Any 3 finger click. Start > (Right Click Computer) > Properties. If you're using Microsoft Windows 10 N,.

Any 3 finger click. Access the Touchpad gestures. Adjust the sensitivity under Motion. Step 3 Select View more devices, and from the Other devices menu. If this rings true for you, try adjusting your mouse sensitivity through Windows 11 settings Open Settings and go to Devices.

Turn the Magic Mouse off and then turn it back on after a.

If you couldnt get the number pad working, you can use Windows 11 virtual keyboard as a replacement. Update Bluetooth drivers.


Right-click (or command-click) on the keyboard and select Forget.